The minimal appearance of this shelf is to be attributed to its complex underlying fabrication.This shelf  would come with optional sizing and proportions, as it is intended to be made on demand, and is therefore parametrically driven. It should be fun to put together as the legs glide in, through each layer in a semi circular motion, from the bottom up.
This shelf relies on the precise placement of holes in each level in the wooden boards. As well as a very precise and consistent radius in the legs. The challenges are: first to be able to hold that tolerance on the curvature of the legs. As it will require a process that is inherently hard to control the accuracy on. Second challenge, is to  be able to mill out the corresponding holes in each layer. As it will require a multi axis-milled hole that is loose enough for a slip fit over the legs and has a complex undercut geometry. On the user's side of the experience the complex production process- pays off in a form of aesthetic appearance, as well as fastener free and quick assembly. 
Fastener- free concept for a shelve. 
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