We developed this electric height-adjustable workstation for office workers that are not expected to use it every day or even a full work day.  At 30 by 23 inches, it is compact and saves on space. Is is ideal for use as a supplementary heads down workstation near collaboration areas, as teams often need to disperse and do individual heads down work or answer calls. It also works great as a hoteling/ guest workstation for visiting team members. Because of its standing height range, it also can be effectively used as a speaker podium or a teacher’s desk. This product was developed at Teknion’s Major Pursuits Department to address a client's custom request. Often these custom solutions fulfill specific needs of one client, however they are often useful enough to be adopted by other clients after. We found that this type of direct user feedback and collaboration often leads to popular products that address common challenges or new norms in the office environment. 

If you are interested in how to order this product or info on this product. Please contact Teknion Specials Department. 
This product and its design are property of Teknion. 
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