This is a design update to the original teaBOT form factor and function.
This medium sized tea serving machine fits between its full sized, and its desktop versions, saving on space. Unlike the desktop version of teaBOT that requires counter space, this medium model is still freestanding, and is able to fit into more spaces than its larger original full size version.
This medium kiosk incorporates improvements in usability and underlying technology. These improvements are a result of insights that were gathered from dozens of active kiosks in the field and feedback from current customers. 
The resulting design simplifies the form factor and focuses in on the core features of the product. Such as- freshness of the full leaf tea, user choice in making custom flavors and speed of the ordering process.
By focusing on those key values of the product and service, the physical form factor is decluttered, and any superficial elements from the original machine are removed. This design celebrates the tea by placing it in front and center of the experience. This allows the user to feel connected to the physical choice of tea ingredients, helping them corelate that choice to the ordering process virtually on the tablet.  
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