While working with this food robotics startup, we developed a number of concept designs that explored form factors and material choices for their smoothie serving kiosk. The version shown here is laid out in a way that is intended to maximize viewing angles for the customer, while keeping access points for servicing the kiosk close to key areas that are to be serviced most often. The materials we proposed, were selected with the aim to increase visibility of the ingredients and the robotic smoothie preparation process.

This is one of many studies and concepts that we have done leading up to the launch of the first generation of this type of kiosk. We used concepts like the one shown here, along with user experience analysis in order to inform key points in the product usability and function. Those insights  helped us select and focus on features that were incorporated into the production design.
My previous experience in this food automation product category has helped us streamline some of these points of focus. 
This field of food robotics is rapidly growing. It is a challenging new type of product that is a perfect blend of product design, service design and interaction design that translates to a product in the physical world. This is especially exciting when the food that is ultimately served is a healthy one, made with real ingredients. 
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